Having ideal daily water intake is essential. Paradoxically most of the people struggle with it a lot. We have a lot of feedbacks from our clients and we are happy to share our experience with you.

We often receive feedbacks from clients that the water which was modified by SOMAVEDIC is smoother and softer and they enjoy drinking it. Children or pets perceive the water in a similar way. Of course we enjoy such feedbacks as well and it says a lot about Somavedic's effects.

Water as a basic element is really important, because the body is made up of 70 % of water.

Drinking clean water is literally becoming a trendy affair which is undoubtedly good. Some people overdo it and drink way more water than is necessary which leads to a load on the kidneys. However, a much more common problem is insufficient drinking regime = dehydration. There is no universal amount of water which should be drunk per day however, a simple formula can help us:

Multiply your weight by three and divide the result by one hundred + half a litre of water more.

E.g.: Human weight 75 kg. Calculation: 75 x 3: 100 + 0.5 = 2.75 litres of water per day.

Of course the final amount is also affected by other parameters such as physical activity or season but we have not discovered a simpler calculation yet. People are often guided by a feeling of thirst which decreases significantly with age.

It is also popular to drink sweet and fizzy drinks which are much more burdensome for kidneys than pure water. Drinking coffee is also very common which severely dehydrates the body and we certainly cannot include it in our drinking intake.

Each drunk coffee should be supplemented with triple the amount of water.

There is also a simple rule that can confirm or refute a suitable drinking intake. If a person follows a proper drinking intake the urine will be light to clear in colour and odourless when excreted. If, on the other hand, the body is dehydrated the urine will be yellow-brown and smell when excreted.

Water quality and its parameters.

Recently the quality of water itself has been a subject of many discussions. Unfortunately the problem lies in no definition of water quality. There are several parameters by which water quality is measured or evaluated the most common are:

  • Bacteriological analysis - analysis by decree (CZ)
  • Chemical analysis - analysis by decree (CZ)
  • Ph - water acidity or water alkalinity
  • Redox (ORP) - redox potential

According to our experience a neglected and key feature of water is its structure.

According to our experience it is mainly because of its structure. What does it mean? If you freeze tap and well water and form crystals from it, you will see clear differences in geometry under a microscope. The one from the aqueduct will most likely have irregular shapes and the one from the well will create symmetrical, harmonious, regular and geometric shapes. Sometimes this structured water is called the living water.

We were curious what water looked like under a microscope after manifestations of SOMAVEDIC'S positive effects.

We were looking for someone who is actively involved in photographing water crystals. Eventually we found an expert in Switzerland ( where the Atlantic model and subsequently the Medic Uranus model travelled. The result pleasantly surprised us.

Structured water can more effectively leach pollutants from the body during the initial detoxification but also after it. Nowadays basically everyone is in various loads when it comes to everyday life so it is ideal to flush out harmful substances from the body constantly.

SOMAVEDIC does not replace mechanical water purification but can change the structure of tap water or the one purchased in stores.