SIMPLY SOMAVEDIC Ltd. has the task of establishing, developing and representing a worldwide sales network. At the same time our goal is for everyone to have the opportunity to experience anywhere in the world the uniqueness and matchlessness of the Czech product SOMAVEDIC. The worldwide success of the pieces sold is clearly due to the unique functionality, quality, reliability and many years of user experience of a hand-made Czech product.

SOMAVEDIC is a subject to strict development and production criterions.


The first SOMAVEDIC was compiled by Ivan Rybjanský on April 1, 2011 in his shop floor. At that time he was having a vision in his head: "Even if it helped just one person, it would be worth the effort". He produced over five hundred pieces that year. Somavedic has come a long way after years of researches, innovations, testing and collecting feedbacks. Thousands of SOMAVEDIC now shine and harmonize the space around the world. From the beginning SOMAVEDIC has had the potential to help change the world for the better and with every new made SOMAVEDIC this vision is being fulfilled and is becoming a reality. We want to thank all people who are being a part of this fundamental and positive change. With all our heart we believe in a bright future.

Somavedic Technologies team

SIMPLY SOMAVEDIC Ltd. was founded based on user suggestions and many years of experience with SOMAVEDIC products. At the moment we are an integral part of the Somavedic Technologies Ltd.

SIMPLY SOMAVEDIC Ltd. will be tasked with providing a full-fledged service to meet customer needs due to the growing number of customers.

We are pleased to announce that based on your suggestions we have decided to ensure the operation of a contact centre offering complete customer support including online telephone and written communication, product information, order processing and inquiries about SOMAVEDIC products.

Last but not least the Showroom of products will be available in the exclusive premises of the Mini Point.

The showroom is located in the Prague's centre, street: V Horkách 1735/21, Prague 4.

Those interested can visit it every weekday from 9 am to 5 pm.

We started manufacturing Somavedic based on 15 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine (Chinese and Ayurvedic), complementary medicine and related fields and of course also on the basis of scientific knowledge in the field of frequency therapy - the effect of specific low-energy radiation (vibrations) on the environment and the human body.

The main reason of our intention was to create a functional and affordable device that can help people with health problems. Our long-term findings showed that conventional medical treatment usually does not lead to complete recovery but only to the suppression or mere transfer of the symptoms of health problems to other areas.

In alternative medicine or natural healing the effect was only a short-term and one-time "recharging of energy" in the form of various alternative methods or immediate removal of symptoms of disease. Also it did not last long and health problems often returned sooner or later.

We started producing Somavedic based on the fact that the best way to achieve long-term health effects and physical and mental harmony lies in establishing a lasting harmonious environment that can be created by Somavedic and especially during sleep which is essential for the healthy functioning of our body.

Many people are also exposed to similar negative effects in their work where they often spend many hours a day in a "harmful" environment - most often we are exposed to stress or electromagnetic smog which is emitted by mobile phones, computers, electric motors, power lines, etc.