Model AMBER CHAMPAGNE is the most effective and the most universal out of all standardly offered SOMAVEDIC models. It is 4times more powerful than model URAN. It easily handles any kind of electromagnetic fields as well as water structuring.

This model has its faithful clients all over the world. It is indeed compatible with all suggested accessories.

Neutralizes: EMF, geobiological shifts, free radicals, viruses, bacterias, parasites, fungi and mold

Ideally placed in: family houses, residential houses, spaces with high frequency of people (shops, hotels, conference halls, hospitals, health spa), electromobiles.

Core: precious and semi-precious stones, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper and zinc.

Body: hand-blown amber glass body, covered in silver from the inside

AMBER works in the 30meters circuit in all directions from the device consuming only circa 1kWh/month.


48,400.00 Kč
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