RUBY add-on

Model RUBY is aimed at promoting reletionships in the broadest sense. The idea was to create a model that promotes affection and opens hearts. It also helps in spiritual growth. RUBIN is recommended as a companion to models MEDIC, SKY,URAN, AMBER, GOLD and KOBALT.

Neutralizes: EMF, geobiological shifts, free radicals, viruses, bacterias, parasites, fungi and mold

Ideally placed in: wherever you need to "open the heart," family and apartment buildings, rehabilitation centers, spiritual centers, meditation rooms, etc.

Core: precious and semi-precious stones, gold, silver, palladium, platinum, copper and zinc.

Body: hand-blown ruby-infused crystal (sandblasted)

RUBY works in the 30meters circuit in all directions from the device consuming only circa 1kWh/month.

14,520.00 Kč
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